Summer Camp At Hongkong University of Science and Technology

Our client at Hongkong, 3djollyfab, was the host of the summer camp and took our 3d pens with them for innovative art teaching classes. Here are some of the pictures, enjoy. The first picture is our boss explaining to the campers how to use the pen. source: 3djollyfab



Well, this penguin is also easy to create. Three simple steps and half an hour, you will finish it. 1, take a paper and wrap a paper ball; 2, create layers on the surface of the paper ball; 3, finish the eyes, hair clippers.



The butterfly is considerably easier to create. With a template, one can finish a butterfly within minutes.

How to replace RP600A nozzle

This is video demonstrating how to replace the nozzle for RP600A. Enjoy. Why you need to replace the nozzle? Under rare circumstances, there might be clogging. For example, if the user used ABS and switch to PLA but didn’t finish the ABS in the nozzle, when temperature change to PLA, the ABS in the nozzle